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Typical Session. AoR 2

My treatments are always bespoke for you and are totally holistic through looking at physical, emotional and environmental factors that may be affecting your well-being. As a fully trained reflexologist I will never claim to cure or diagnose but work alongside conventional medical treatments to provide a truly complementary approach.

A typical reflexology session lasts approximately 50 minutes, although your first session will be around 15 minutes longer as we conduct a medical and lifestyle consultation before beginning your treatment. This consultation is important as it enables me to fully understand any health concerns, conditions, and situations that may be affecting you. It also allows both of us to gain a better understanding of how reflexology might be able to help.

I perform reflexology in a Lafuma chair in which you will be fully reclined into a comfortable position before starting the treatment. I shall offer you a throw to keep warm - you might find your temperature fluctuates during the session and I want to ensure you are 100% relaxed. I start with some short relaxation and breathing techniques before starting to work through your reflexes on both feet.

After the treatment, you shall be seated back up, offered water and a chance to discuss your session and what we achieved. I will talk you through some aftercare advice and simple techniques you could perform at home between sessions.

It is sure to be a wonderfully relaxing and calming experience...and I guarantee you will be excited to book your next session in with me as soon as possible

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